Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Happy New Year from the Kirkland Family!!

Ringing in 2011 (at 8:30pm!) with my buddy Henry!
Here's to the best year yet!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning finally came and, wow, was it great!! Santa found our house and brought some great loot!

First, there was "the jeep" I asked for -- a Big Wheels Pick-Up Truck just like Poppy's!!

I climbed right in to make sure it was a good fit!

Santa ate most of our cookies and Rudolph at our carrots! We were out of milk (oops!) but Santa seemed to love the applesauce squeezer all the same! :)

Whatcha think? Wanna ride?

I spent most of the morning outside cruising in my new ride!

Then it was on to Aunt Lanie & Uncle Roger's house for a yummy breakfast and more goodies!

After a quick nap, we opened more loot at Mimi & Poppy's!
What a great day!

And it was a White Christmas on top of it all!
What a blessed Christmas we had with our family!

Pink Pig

The week before Christmas, Mommy and I headed down to ride The Pink Pig -- an annual tradition in our house! After waiting over an hour in line, we made it and loved the ride!

SO excited to finally be to the front of the line!

Sweet Children & Cookies

We cruised down to Rayna's house to bake cookies before Christmas. I was so excited to get things started and bake some yummy sweets!

Cute little bakers

Looks good, don't you think?

A few of the finished products...with some help from the mommy's!

Enjoying the sweets of our labor -- YUM!

Christmas Program

I had my first Christmas Program at school this year. Mommy, Daddy, Mimi and Poppy all came to watch me sing! And, while I didn't do much singing, it was a fun morning!

Making my grand entrance -- show off anyone?! :)

I stood next to Will Bellows, who was in my class last year, and boy did we have a great time!

I made it, Mommy! Didn't I do great? :)

Santa Came to Town

We headed to Phipps' Plaza in early December to see Santa! I was a little nervous about how I'd like him this year, but I surprised everyone and even smiled! :)

Practicing my smile with Daddy...

...then Mommy!

Getting my list together

It wasn't too bad...even managed a little smile!

Wahoo -- I made it! Love the candy cane!
Hope I get what I asked for! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


As is our annual tradition, we headed to Florida for Thanksgiving! It was a great trip filled with family, food and fellowship!

We started off the trip with a day in Jacksonville and Cousin Ollie!
We're so silly! :)

Then headed back to Macclenny for Thanksgiving Day...
and nothing says turkey like a morning run on the lawnmower!

And a ride on Kiwi! :)

Gotta love Thanksgiving Day in SHORTS!
(It was 80 degrees!)

Our sweet little family

Aunt Tina, Daddy, Papa, Cousin Jamie and Uncle Ryan
With full bellies, we all lounged...ahhh!

Before we headed home, I baked Christmas cookies with Granny.
So fun...and yummy! :)

Happy Boy!

So particular with the sprinkles

Aren't these yum, Daddy?

And who says cookies are enough?!
A creamsicle and a movie make for a great ride home!

I look forward to visiting again soon, Granny & Papa!
I love you!